A whole new world

Two Worlds II - "Seriously it was this big"

Two Worlds was a promising looking RPG that could have been another reason to dip into a fantasy realm once we’d finished with Oblivion. Unfortunately Reality Pump‘s RPG was no where near obtaining such an accolade with poor graphics, poor controls and laughable sound effects. Not one to be beaten and sure of the potential, Reality Pump has been busy creating a sequel, Two Worlds II, and even given it a brand new engine too. GRACE is not just the name of your elderly relative anymore, oh no, it powers TWII in order for it to have the graphics which you see above in the screenshot (with three more after the break). Pretty good considering the first Two Worlds. A neat device which the engine will do is hamper mobility depending on the terrain. Walk into the marshland of Antaloor (the game’s world) and watch as the bog slows the character down. Neat but how long before it becomes an annoyance? There are alternate paths and wooden walkways to use so here’s hoping the experience will be broken up. The press release assures us too that the developers have upped the detail on the audio with suitably squishy noises to accompany the marshland.

Yeah those things sound interesting but nothing we haven’t seen before and lets face it, in this generation the sound effects would have to be pretty impressive to warrant getting excited over. Reality Pump have a lot to do in order to win back those burned by the first game. Hopefully they’ve learned from pervious shortcomings and Two Worlds II will be delightful fantasy adventure. Keep those fingers crossed until later this year when TWII gets released on both Mac and PC (leaving out the Xbox 360 this time around).

Two Worlds II - Rather empty in here...

Two Worlds II - goblin fightin'

Two Worlds II - say what?


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