Spiritual successor

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - me wantee!

Remember how I scoffed at the special edition of New Super Mario Bros Wii? Well along comes The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks with it’s preorder bonus, restoring my faith in the obligatory sales gimmick that is special editions. Ok, so it may just be a fancy tin much like NSMBW but it also includes some all important figurines for us to stand proudly upon our mantlepiece, game’s shelf or indeed left in the tin for safe keeping. At the moment it’s only available at Gamestation for £39.99 but bigger brother GAME told CVG that it will also be sold for £29.99 at GAME itself from 26th October. An odd turn of events seeing as they’re basically the same company but I for one am holding out until then with the hope of bagging myself some more useless video game merchandise, adding to an every growing pile of shame.


One thought on “Spiritual successor

  1. Yah I’m a sucker for these collector’s/Limited edition packages. As much as I know that I shouldn’t spend money or space on these, I still love to get them.

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