Kirby gets delayed in Europe

The charming platformer Kirby’s Epic Yarn has been given a Q1 2011 release date for Europe while the US is still scheduled to receive it later this year. News came from Nintendo of Europe themselves so isn’t an unsightly rumour but is still a shame for European gamers who’ll no doubt get to hear how good the game is from their American chums. As much as I’d like to play Kirby’s Epic Yarn after my initial hands-on impressions were more than favourable, holding it back until early next year would reduce the possibility of getting lost amongst the multitude of titles releasing in the coming months, especially the other big-name Nintendo franchises like Metroid: Other M and Donkey Kong Country: Returns. Though my ‘glass half full’ approach doesn’t change the fact I would prefer to be playing it sooner rather than later!


One thought on “Kirby gets delayed in Europe

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