Everyone loves a cat fight

I was sceptical when clicking a link in an email I received this morning after reading it was for a game called Cat Fight. All manner of thoughts ran through my head so arriving on a page with a retro-isnpired and comical battle between to felines was quite pleasant. Cat Fight is a free-to-play online game by seasoned developers Arkadium and puts players in the role of a King to a race of moggies who had his sandcastle trampled by an opposing cat-nation’s leader. The only way to retaliate is all out war with water pistols and buckets, soaking your way to victory and protecting your fort. Instead of another tired Tower Defense clone, Cat Fight mixes that genre with Puzzle Quest mechanic, having you match coloured squares to build up stockpiles for the making of troops for your cause. It’s actually quite a lot of fun and since its free, the only barrier for entry is the twenty second countdown timer before the game starts.

Cat Fight can be found at www.greatdaygames.com, it’s worth a chuckle.


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