Help Japan with Street Fighter IV

To help victims of the tragedies befalling Japan at the moment, Capcom have promised (via Andriasang) to donate 100 million yen to relief funds out of their own pocket. How generous eh? Now we can do our bit too but picking up Street Fighter IV for the iPhone which, for one week, has been discounted to only 59p from its usual three quid mark. Every penny of that will go towards the relief fund and as well as being a jolly good samaritan, you’ll be getting one hell of a game too. I gave it full marks in my review for the fantastic gameplay, interesting art style and the inclusion of a satisfying virtual d-pad and buttons – something of a rarity in touchscreen titles.

So don’t hold back, buy Street Fight IV and help those in need. If you have it already, gift it to a mate, it’s only 59p!


GoldenEye 007 proof core games can make it on the Wii?

Determined to beat off the popular thinking that the Wii is only a first party or mini game player, Nintendo are using the success of Goldeneye 007 as their retaliatory argument. They state that: “the sales of GoldenEye show that these titles can and do perform well on Wii,” and “a good quality title, supported well by both publisher and retail, has just as much chance of performing well as any Nintendo title.”

I think GoldenEye 007 is a bit of an exception here. For one thing, it’s dripping with nostalgic value for anyone who owned the N64 game and have been itching for a similar experience since and arguably are the devoted audience whom have stuck with Nintendo all their gaming lives. Newcomers would have no doubt heard of the legendary 64-Bit game or likely to have been persuaded by the Bond licence. It reminds me of the fighting genre renaissance that Street Fighter IV started last year. That’s not to say Nintendo is wrong with their comments per say, but the sales figures do lean towards mini games and first-party titles being the most profitable on Wii.

Publishers thankfully haven’t given up though and over the next few weeks, more ‘core’ focused titles are being released. Last week saw the aforementioned GoldenEye 007 (waiting patiently on my Christmas wish list…) and Call of Duty: Black Ops that for all intense purposes it a direct port of the HD versions. This week (19th) has Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, next week sees Epic Mickey take the stage with finally Donkey Kong Country Returns coming December 3rd. Whether or not their content is hardcore, I’m not sure Epic Mickey and DKCR would be considered core games but then we’re getting into the scary territory of public perception which is a confusing beast at best!

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Capcom outline mobile strategy including Dead Rising Mobile and Classic arcades

Capcom are fast becoming the iPhone gamers best friend what with all their AAA franchises gradually porting over to the Apple handheld. The latest shrinking of IPs was announced by Capcom Japan as they outlined their upcoming strategy for mobile gaming. Top of the bill is Dead Rising Mobile, a third-person action adventure much like the two console versions, sticking with the ever popular idea of smacking zombies with whatever the hell you can find. The only screen available shows a block-headed Frank West of DR1, winding up with a trusty baseball bat. Nice.

Next up for the iPhone is Capcom Arcade that has a pay-to-play ideology akin to Microsoft’s Game Room. Players will need to buy tokens in order to play on the virtual arcade cabinets or, if they rather, pay a one time fee for unlimited access. The classic games that kick start the updatable service are Street Fighter II, Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, 1942 and Commando. A couple of those are already available for the iPhone so we’ll see how gamers react to the option of having them part of a pay-to-play service.

And as if Street Fighter IV on the iPhone wasn’t bursting at the seams with downloadable content, Capcom will be adding yet another character to the roster and packing in some new networking options too.

None of the announcements have a firm release date as of yet but are said to be coming by the end of the year with Capcom Arcade being the first to arrive.

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E. Honda sumo splashes onto the iPhone

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Plumping out the superb iPhone port of Street Fighter IV is the slap-happy E. Honda in an update that is also said to contain a few extra surprises (via Video Gamer). Just what the surprises are remains a mystery – thus making them surprises – but it’s almost certain that E. Honda will be included in the update that adds previously announced Crimson Viper to the lineup. All of this will be free too. Can’t say fairer than that!

Crimson Viper coming to iPhone

Capcom’s iPhone port of Street Fighter IV is the game that keeps on giving with two free characters already under its belt and a third just announced. Crimson Viper (or that one who looks a bit like Angelina Jolie) will be part of another free update but little else is known right now. Cammy was the first additional fighter and didn’t arrive until Zangief was ready for his iPhone debut so the lack of information could suggest a fourth fighter is on the way. Japanese site 4gamer uploaded gameplay footage of her (seen here) which still amazes me how good SFIV on the iPhone looks.

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Cammy and Zangief make their iPhone debut

Street Fighter IV iPhone

In the last few minutes, Capcom have released their long awaited update to Street Fighter IV on iPhone which adds Cammy and Zangief to the roster. The British beauty and rugged Russian come free in the iOS4 approved update and handle just as easily as the other fighters with all their signature moves intact. A few tweaks to the game’s appearance are also present like a new icon and menu screen. I haven’t noticed any other major differences apart from the inclusion of two new characters and hope that soon enough, even more will join the fighting flock.

Zangief piledrives your iPhone

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Soon to be boosting the slender roster on Street Fighter IV for the iPhone is russian mohawk-sporting Zangief (reports IGN). Like Cammy before him, the Zangief DLC will be free and also has a release date that no one is privy to. I’m still waiting to thumb my way through Cammy’s moves in the pocket fighter but it may be that Capcom were waiting to finish off Zangief so both fighters come out in one DLC. I hope so. We’ve waited long enough for Cammy as it is! But we have to cut them some slack, it is free after all.