Come get some balls of steel

Over at VG247, they found an image, presumably from a source of off the tinterweb, of what appears to be a special edition of Duke Nukem Forever. The Balls of Steel edition contains art cards, an art book, a comic, two poker chips, a pack of cards, dice, a bust of Duke and certificate of authenticity. Lord only knows how much it’ll cost but making such a extravagant edition of a game that has had so many development struggles and an ever decreasing franchise fan base is mighty silly to me. Previews of Duke Nukem Forever are pretty good with the general consensus being that it’s a decent laugh so no doubt that will have brought back a few stragglers who are writing it off before it’s released but I can’t imagine a Balls of Steel version would be all that popular. I am excited for DNF because Gearbox make great games just not a special edition. Maybe if the art book shows the 13 years of development and the disc included playable segments of older code then yeah, I’m in. Otherwise I think I’ll stick with the standard version.


It’s playtime with Vanquish special edition for UK and France

Anyone the slightest bit interested in mentalist shooter Vanquish may want to hop on over to UK online retailer Zavvi as Sega have revealed via their blog that a super special edition for both Xbox 360 and PS3 is exclusive to the e-store. Included with the game and for the princely sum of £55, you get – drum rolls please – a seven inch figurine of the game’s lead, Sam Gideon. Wait, is that it? Apparently so though when describing the SE that French consumers get, Sega mention DLC but have no other details about it. Still, thats surely a hard sell at such a price, especially when Zavvi also offer a standard version for only £34 that comes with a lenticular sleeve (gif seen after the break – it’s big so be patient!). I know which one I’ll be pre-ordering.

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Bayonetta makes us feel special

Bayonetta - Special!!

Get ready fans of gaming memorabilia and deadly footwear as Sega announces a special edition of sultry slash-em-up Bayonetta. In order to tempt us away from the standard edition which also comes out January 8th, Sega have included a soundtrack CD and artbook, no doubt filled with images of Bayonetta posing in all sorts of angles… Both these and the game come packed in a slip case to help bulk out our gaming shelves even more. I’m unable to find out a price for either the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions but expect to pay around £40-45. I know I will be!

{Thanks Videogamer}

Fossil Fighters fossilisation

Fossil Fighters box before...

Fossil Fighters box after!

Joystiq have received a bizarre review copy of Pokemonish DS game Fossil Fighters. The game came encased in a fake rock and potential reviewers had to use the hammer and brush provided to extract said game. Seeing such an ‘insider’ PR stunt begs the question “why don’t we see more special editions like this?” The normality of SE games come with a tin case and making of DVD where DS SEs have varying cases or possibly a toy. Releasing these kinds of promo boxes into the public would bring a smile to all faces…until that is you have to laboriously hack it open before playing the game…hmmm…maybe not then…