Props to the designer

We’ve read about the real world of LA getting a coat of grime to become apartments and the allure of both sexes in appropriate headwear but in the third instalment of L.A. Noire‘s behind the scenes feature, Team Bondi’s production designer, Simon Wood, speaks of the challenges to populate the video game world with authentic retro props. And it’s not just about making sure a mug or painting are true to the era. Wood had to chose the right kind of light sources for art director Chee Kin to place around the characters to compliment the visuals: “We were always mindful of the game’s super life-like conversations and the need to light them correctly. Chee Kin had to have something to justify the way people were lit, so just like in film, we placed practical lights in the locations.”

Rare 1940's props were invaluable in set dressing in-game scenes with original authentically styled items.

Who says video games aren’t art? Read on to find out more on the production design of L.A. Noire.
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