Hooray! Overpriced DLC goes on sale…

Need for Speed World is part of EA’s mission to try and conquer Free-to-Play gaming. It’s a part of the video game market which can be very profitable for a publisher even though a good chunk of it is, as its title suggests, free to play. The best way of clawing back development and maintenance costs; vanity items. Like pieces of armor, weaponry or in Need for Speed World‘s case, a ridiculously expensive virtual car. Released last Wednesday for the year plus PC racer, the Koenigsegg CCX Elite Edition will set you back $100 unless of course you grab it now because the kind old folks at EA are selling it for just $75 (via Gamespot). Baffling when you think Free-to-Play items are also know as micro-transactions. There’s nothing micro about that price.

The Koenigsegg CCX Elite Edition is said to be the first premium elite car which would mean that more offensively priced DLC will be coming to the 5 million users of NfSW. Of course no one is forcing players to buy the cars but it certainly adds to EA’s reputation of being rapacious.  Just the other week they announced a subscription-based version of Tetris. Never mind that Tetris can be found on every platform known to man, in the iOS version you can now sign up to paying $3 a month or $30 a year for exclusive discounts, challenges and a booster to speed up level progression. Because levelling up is what Tetris is all about…

Stories like these are the kind of thing usually saved for April Fool’s day when companies can announced insane ideas and promotions with consumers chuckling at the stupidity and forgetting it the very next day. But this time the stories are true and it’s EA who look like the fools to me.


Gran Turismo 5 launches with this trailer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even though Gran Turismo 5 has had the second most documented delay in video games with today’s final release being on everyone’s tongues, Sony felt it necessary to release a launch trailer. I guess there’s no point messing with marketing status-quo eh? Does this one and a half minute video make you want to leap from your seats and grab yourself a copy? Or was is the six year wait from GT4 that has fuelled your enthusiasm? Either way it’s here and quite possibly spinning around in numerous PS3s the world over…

Gran Turismo 5 installs while you play

Mandatory installs are a cursed thing, stopping the spontaneity of gaming and forcing you to wait a little bit longer in order to play. Sadly the PS3 has its fair share of installing and thumb-twiddling but not so much for Wednesday’s release of Gran Turismo 5. Possibly one of the reasons it was postponed so long was to implement the awesome feature that lets you play the game while it installs. As new cars and stages are unlocked, they’ll be written to the HDD. With 6.4 GB of data to be plonked inside the PS3, it would be foolish to choose to install it all on one go, opting for this friendlier method. That is of course only if playing and writing doesn’t effect the game’s performance at all…

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Gran Turismo 5. November 24th. Honestly.

Today Sony announced via the PlayStation Blog that November 24th is the new official release date for Gran Turismo 5. I know it seems like we’ve walked down this path many times before, only leading to misery and contempt but considering there are people who already own a copy, I’d imagine this one’s for realsies.

So what does GT5 offer in just over a week’s time? Over 1,000 cars and 71 courses that’s what. Cars like the humble Ford Ka right up to F1 speedsters are among the thousand odd vehicles and all the expected tracks of a racer, like Nürburgring, can be driven on. Sadly, only 11 out of these courses have the game’s dynamic weather system and just five have the ability to be raced day or night.

But hey, Gran Turismo 5 is actually coming at long last. Who’d have thought it eh? What next, Duke Nukem Forever?

Gran Turismo 5 is coming soon, Gran Turismo 6 confirmed again

Before a new release date for Gran Turismo 5 has been officially announced, creator Kazunori Yamauchi is once again confirming the presence of a sixth game. In an interview with Gamespot, Yamauchi mentioned that GT6 is underway but little else: “It’s not something that we can talk that lightly on. It took 2,000 days to get all the ideas that went into GT5. It’s just too early to be talking about GT6.” Almost a year ago he told Autoweek a very similar story and that the wait between the fifth and sixth games would be considerably less because GT6 is just new apps that run on the GT5 system.” It’s not the first time that the developer has repeated himself either. In January he said GT5 was 90% complete and then again in May. I think the stress maybe getting to him, bless.

Despite some online retailers claiming the release date for Gran Turismo 5 won’t be until 2011, Yamauchi insists the game will be out this side of Christmas and that it’s recently gone gold meaning development has finished and Blu-Ray’s are in production. “There should be an announcement soon,” said Yamauchi. For the sake of the fans, and Sony, I hope so because the PS3 could do with a triple A holiday exclusive game.

Motorbike DLC for Gran Turismo 5?

With the inclusion of Kart racing in the recently delayed Gran Turismo 5, it’s a wonder what other goodies developers Polyphony Digital will add to the game. Creator Kazunori Yamauchi hinted to PSM3 magazine that the ability to race on two wheels instead of four could be on the cards, or rather, DLC list. He said “The environment we have right now allows us to drive motorcycles, but we need to get Gran Turismo 5 done first, Once that’s out of the way, if there’s a strong demand for bikes, that’s something we’d consider.” You heard him, if you want bikes then speak up! Saying something will be ‘considered’ is a nice non-comital answer but the divide between great bike and car racers needn’t be so large as Burnout Paradise proved. They were added via DLC and although slightly game-breaking in places, where a welcome (and free) experience.

But Yamauichi is a renowned perfectionist so a team dedicated to making virtual cars act like the real thing may have a hard time with motorbike physics as well as the creator’s high standards. Still a nice thought though.

Gran Turismo 5 skids off its November release date

Shocking a considerably small amount of the gaming population, SCEA producer Taku Imasaki updated the PlayStation Blog with a post revealing Gran Turismo 5 will be delayed once again. Many a previous release dates for GT5 have come and gone so when the game was said to be confirmed for early November this year, I must say I was a little sceptical.

But according to Imasaki, there’s a good reason for the set back: “We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.”

By constantly delaying a game and saying it’s to make it better can only burden it with unobtainable expectations from gamers. Imasaki does insist that GT5 will be out before Christmas but not whether that’ll be worldwide or only for Japan – and whatever date (regardless of how vague) is given right now will be hard to believe.