Prince of Persia Retro spotted for iPhone

To help continue all the Prince of Persia love going on at the moment, what with a film out next week and new(ish) game released tomorrow, Ubisoft felt it best to give Apple gamers something to do once all the hype has died down again. Prince of Persia Retro is wall-running onto iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for a yet unknown amount in late June. Oddly enough, Ubisoft aren’t saying a great deal in regards to pricing or a firm release date but do clarify (via IGN) that Prince of Persia Retro is a port of the 1989 classic updating the visuals to new shiny sprites. Gameplay remains the same mix of puzzles and platforms that caused such a stir 21 years ago and although it doesn’t feature Gemma Arterton, I’m still looking forward to having this retro adventure on my phone.


Alan Wake DLC “bridges gap”

When a developer talks of downloadable content before a game is even out, confusion quickly spreads as to whether gamers will be expected to pay in order to properly finish the story. Remedy’s Alan Wake is going through that now but (via CVG,) Oskari Hakkinen, head of franchise development, has reassured that DLC coming July 28th “will be standalone episodes that will bridge between season one and hopefully the possibility of doing a season two. Season one – just to be clear – is a full package and you’ll unravel the mystery and reach your goals.” By Season two he means a second game which has already been written. Hakkinen continues “The game add-ons aren’t telling more of the story, so to speak. It’ll give you a different perspective on the things you’ve done on season one and then trying to set you up for the possible things you’re going to do in season two.” Nice. This is a good example of how DLC should be used rather than cutting pieces out of the main story, only to add them for a price later on (remember Prince of Persia?). All new copies of Alan Wake come with a promo code that will unlock the add-on for free but if you choose to buy the game second-hand, it’s gonna cost you. Alan Wake is out tomorrow exclusively for Xbox 360 (or today if you’re postman delivered it early!)

Borderlands extended impressions

Borderlands - all the gang

After some more hands on time with Borderlands I wanted to address some of the aspects that I left out of my first impressions plus talk about the insanity that’s floating around the net regarding the game.

First I want to elaborate on the visuals of Borderlands. Graphically it’s clean and crisp with a style reminiscent of Crackdown and the last Prince of Persia. Bold strokes of black and stylised character models lift the appearance which may not be the best to come out of this generation. But this doesn’t mean they’re bad, just not as ground breaking as bigger budget productions. Since Unreal is behind the looks it does suffer from the notorious texture pop-in whenever a new area is entered or a save is loaded. The failing lasts about as long as every other Unreal game plagued by the same issue so isn’t something Gearbox can be truly blamed for. Read on to see what else can be said about Borderlands.
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Kiss my assassin

Assassin's Creed 2 - how charming

The lead up to Christmas has always been a busy time of year for video games. In past years the fight to sell your product became more and more crowded. This year sees many games being delayed into 2010 for numerous reasons and thankfully relieving some the pressure on our increasingly smaller wallets. Without a doubt, Modern Warfare 2 will be the biggest game of this holiday season – Activision have gone on record saying they want exactly that. A week after MW2’s November 10th release date will come Assassin’s Creed 2 eager to get us all spending again. Creative director Patrice Desilets told VG247 how he isn’t bothered about how close his game is MW2: “The first game we released two weeks after Modern Warfare, and we still sold nine million copies…  I think we’re going to outsell [Assassin’s Creed 1],” Ah yes but no one could have foreseen the immense popularity Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has had and still has to this day, even with all the prerelease hype. The idea that things will be the same this year as it was 2 years ago is a blinkered one. Desilets went on to say “People, when they want their first-person shooter fix, they buy Modern Warfare. If you want you a swords, running on rooftops, big open city fix, this is it. And there are people that want to play that, and they don’t want to play the game with guns.” I agree but don’t see why AC2 can’t be pushed back slightly in order to make room for the waves of MW2’s success. Prince of Persia was the last big game to be released in Christmas 08 (December 5th) and sold 2.2 million copies by January. Something AC2 can easily replicate if released at a similar time.  Ubisoft – its not all about November!