Borderlands extended impressions

Borderlands - all the gang

After some more hands on time with Borderlands I wanted to address some of the aspects that I left out of my first impressions plus talk about the insanity that’s floating around the net regarding the game.

First I want to elaborate on the visuals of Borderlands. Graphically it’s clean and crisp with a style reminiscent of Crackdown and the last Prince of Persia. Bold strokes of black and stylised character models lift the appearance which may not be the best to come out of this generation. But this doesn’t mean they’re bad, just not as ground breaking as bigger budget productions. Since Unreal is behind the looks it does suffer from the notorious texture pop-in whenever a new area is entered or a save is loaded. The failing lasts about as long as every other Unreal game plagued by the same issue so isn’t something Gearbox can be truly blamed for. Read on to see what else can be said about Borderlands.
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Early impressions: Borderlands

Borderlands - Nice, um, robot...

Gearbox must have been pretty miffed when Bethesda announced Fallout 3. The post apocalyptic world full of bandits and small settlements of what’s left of humanity sounded awfully similar to what Gearbox was working on – Borderlands. The bonus Bethesda has was the fact that F3 is a sequel so arguably the trend setter rather than follower. Since both games had a similar development cycle, Borderlands wasn’t able to change it’s core story but has been able feed off any negativity that F3 received, creating a brilliant shooter-come-rpg. Read on to find out why I’m loving Borderlands.

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