The dragonborn

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For a long time The Elder Scrolls V was hinted to be in development but other than a fanboys hope, there was little else to go on. So when Bethesda’s Todd Howard took to the stage at last year’s VGAs I knew what was coming and I almost fell out of my seat in excitement – yes I’m that sad. This November sees the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a game whose teaser trailer showed almost nothing of what the final product would be. It was probable that the first person/third person camera would remain as would a fantasy setting. But even with some early screenshots, I had no idea Bethesda were making deals with the Gods in order for Skyrim to look as good as it does in its debut gameplay trailer above. Ditching the Gamebryo and opting to use a new purpose built engine is seemingly has paid off with silky smooth animations and a third person view that doesn’t appear as if the player is skidding on an ice rink. The lighting and textures make the environments look, for lack of a better word, beautiful. There’s even a glimpse at the combat, both magical and weapon-based with the latter having a finishing move of sorts. Around the 1:45 point, the left hero’s hand grabs his foe using his right hand equipped with a sword to end the battle. The two minute mark shows an interesting clip too. After slaying a dragon, the hero stands on its corpse with the beasts essence flowing into him. Could this be some kind of new skill to absorb skills or similar from downed enemies? Intriguing… If the trailer is anything to go by and I imagine it would be, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may have gained a number of new people clambering for November to hurry up so they can lose themselves in another Bethesda RPG. I know I am.


Elder Scrolls V rumored for E3

Rumors are swirling around the net of a possible Elder Scrolls V reveal at this year’s E3 (starting June 14th). Bethesda have stated they have a secret announcement for E3 resulting in many pointing their blissfully wishful fingers at the Elder Scrolls franchise. The timing for this would make sense as it’s been four years since Oblivion was released which itself came four years after Morrowind. There is also a chance that this secret is an Elder Scrolls MMO but Bethesda have already said that they wouldn’t be making such a game because ZeniMax Online – a division of Bethesda – deals with all that.

I, like a considerable amount of others, do so hope a new Elder Scrolls is in development. Oblivion consumed so much of my time that I didn’t realise we had a summer in 2006. It’s been a long time coming and Fallout 3 may have been close to a spiritual successor but not a satisfying replacement. All should be revealed in a couple of weeks.

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