The undead come to Borderlands Nov 24th

Borderlands - Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Every good game deserves a good DLC. Couple that DLC with zombies and you’ve got yourself a great bit of content. 1up is reporting that the previously announced Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC for Borderlands is being released on November 24th for Xbox 360 and PS3. Sadly PC owners may have to wait a bit longer as 2K chose not to mention a version for them.

Just to recap – Dr. turns locals of Jacobs Cove into zombies and it’s up to us to find a cure while no doubt destroying a few of them along the way. Of course there will be oodles more loot to collect, keep or sell which is something that has been keeping me entertained for the last few weeks. For only 800 Microsoft points or around £6, more loot, zombies and even were-skags – oh yes, were-skags – sounds like a pretty good deal to me.