Massager coming to Dead Rising 2

Capcom announced in September that Dead Rising 2 was to get another chunky DLC pack in the vein of Case Zero, this time called Case West. Featuring the first game’s hero, Frank West, details were scarce about the Xbox 360 exclusive but Siliconera reports that the ESRB has leaked a couple of interesting titbits. A new combo weapon, the sickle-katana, was revealed but, and this is quite cute of them, something called a ‘massager’ found in a lounge that sports a neon XXX sign. Whatever could that be? The blurb then states that said massager is shaped like a sex toy so does that mean Dead Rising 2 is getting a vibrator? The game already has dildos as a weapon so there’s only a short step – and a couple of batteries – until you’re in vibrator territory. Apparently, players can use it to strike zombies and human characters so no one is safe from the killer jublies.

Is this something games have been missing all these years? Sex toys that can be used as weapons?


Get your ninja skills on with new Dead Rising 2 DLC trailer

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Before zombies were the characters du jour in video games, ninjas reigned supreme. Capcom feel it only right to combine the two in the third DLC for splatter-fest, Dead Rising 2. The Ninja Skills pack is out now on Xbox Live and PSN for 160 MS Points and £1.59 respectively, allowing Chuck to take on the persona of a silent assassin. So much so that he’ll be able to creep up on zombies and become difficult to grab with increased damage dealt by swords. Items such as plates can be thrown faster and harder too so everything you’d expect from a ninja then. Well, ones with an aversion to tableware anyway.

Dead Rising 2… demoed by a semi-naked girl

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In the West, Capcom have focused on the mutilation of zombies in order to promote Dead Rising 2. In Japan, they’ve focused on a young girl’s boobs. And butt. And, well the cameraman gets a little adventurous. Miss Magazine 2010 or Izumi Hinata to her friends, has been filmed playing the game in nothing but a swimsuit with a picture-in-picture display of her efforts. A rather small picture-in-picture. What can only be a bonus for avid viewers is how Miss Hinata begins exercising towards the end of the video. Can sex sell Dead Rising 2? I’m not sure but bouncing boobs might.

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Dead Rising 2 launch trailer lurches forward

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Since there are only days in between gamers and the release of Dead Rising 2, Capcom have released the official launch trailer with the strap line ‘creativity kills’. And by jove does it ever. Chuck Greene’s pursuit for Zombrex through Las Vegas, I mean, Fortune City, is filled with all kinds of zombie killing equipment and if Case Zero is anything to go by, you may want to keep an eye out for a bucket and a drill…

Dead Rising 2 is out Friday 24th in Europe and 28th in the US for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Chuck (up) Greene in Dead Rising 2 prequel

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The gap-bridging downloadable game, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero comes exclusively to Xbox Live Marketplace today introducing players to new hero Chuck Greene. It seems Capcom like their leads to have a vice or two. Frank West of Dead Rising was partial to taking pictures of ladies cleavage and seen here in this video from Kotaku, Greene is a lover of the malty hops, drinking himself silly for our entertainment. The result is an expulsion of his innards through his mouth making the zombies slip about in comical fashion. Such amusement and more for only 400 MS Points (£3.43/€4.80/$5)? I’d say that’s a bargain.

Zombies beware, Dead Rising 2 is out a week earlier than expeceted

After delaying Dead Rising 2 from its original August 31st release until October 1st, Capcom have announced that they may have been a little harsh with the set-back and that Dead Rising 2 is now coming a week earlier on September 24th. Japan and US will see the game a few days later on September 28th. As for the prequel and introduction to the second game’s lead, Chuck Greene, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero fills the August 31st slot exclusively for Xbox 360 costing as little as 400 MS Points (£3.43/€4.80/$5). It’s not often that games get released earlier than planned so lets all revel in the wondrous occasion… okay, you can stop now. 

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