Introducing Duke Nudem. No, that’s not a typo.

In an effort to appeal to fans of bare flesh the world over, 2K has peeled back a rather dirty curtain on one of the promotional campaigns for Duke Nukem Forever (via Videogamer). Behind said curtain is four young ladies who are clearly difficult to find clothes for and eager to remove them at the drop of a bullet. The promo is called Duke Nudem – see what they did?… – and is virtual strip show disguised as a shooting gallery. The girls, Vicky, Jo, Stacey and Rosie are packing heat and it’s the single-handed viewers job to shoot easily obtainable targets in order to see them topless. It’s a beast out of three competition with unlocks and semi-nude wallpapers as your reward.

The whole thing is quite harmless but, really? 2K are clearly going the whole hog with the image for the Duke Nukem franchise and his uber male boob-loving persona. I doubt that the full game is massively appealing to female gamers because of the overly macho, fairly low-brow humour (but then I might be stereotyping by suggesting that) however this campaign feels a bit uncomfortable and worst still is the desire to distance yourself from the franchise.

But lets look at the backside, I mean, flip side of this. Products like deodorant and psuedo-porn mags use this kind of advertising and marketing all the time to shift their products and it seems to fit the audience quite well. It’s no secret that Duke is geared towards that kind of consumer with the rest of us keen to give it a go but just not willing to admit the fact. Does Duke Nudem help? Nope. Is it perfect for the target audience? Absolutely.


Keep preying

The end of early Xbox 360 FPS Prey left the (portal) door wide open for a sequel. With nearly five years passing by, it seems now Bethesda will be responsible for publishing Prey 2, announced in French gaming magazine, Joystick (via Kotaku). 2K Games had the honour the first time around but Bethesda Softworks secured the rights to the franchise which follows native American Tommy as he fights off an alien invasion, getting to grips with their gravity shifting and seldom used portal technology.

Prey wasn’t an outstanding game but did prove popular due to the time it was released. It appeared when the 360 was still young and lacked games so owners would gravitate to whatever happened to be coming out. I was one of those people and luckily had a blast with Prey though the treatment of death wasn’t all that fun. The idea was cool, how you don’t die but are taken to another realm where you have to shoot spirits to replenish your health and are then transported back into the real world. It did’t quite work because it made the threat of death somewhat inconsequential. I’d quite like to see if this gets rectified in the sequel which is yet to have a release date but probable for late 2011, early 2012.

What do the 3DS and Kinect have in common?

With the development of Conduit 2 coming to an end for its March 25th release date, what a team like High Voltage Software to do with their time? Port the admirably ambitious first game over to the 3DS of course! Eric Nofsinger of High Voltage spoke with Eurogamer revealing how a lot of resources are now focused on making this happen but the development is in very early stages. The lower resolution of the 3DS compared to Wii is masked by having a smaller screen and even in such an early phase, Nofsinger said how well it runs both 2D and full 3D. Nothing will be shown until this year’s GDC but the initial stages are sounding very good. The Conduit wasn’t the best Wii shooter but certainly a promising start, offering the chance to play a solid multiplayer FPS on a system lacking in said genre. The passion that High Voltage has for treating the Wii and its gamers like a legitimate receptor for these types of games is indeed praiseworthy. A publisher is still needed before The Conduit 3DS will become a reality but when Sega are handling both Wii games, it’s likely they’ll take on the 3DS one too. And hopefully it won’t be a long wait since there hasn’t been any real FPS games announced for Nintendo’s next handheld. Without any competition in the genre, Sega and High Voltage could be sitting on a must-have for those picking up a system wanting to satisfy their itch for on and offline shooting. Especially with the new and improved Friend Code implementation and connectivity options on the 3DS.

The studio didn’t stop with the mini-announcements and today leaked their involvement in a new, unnamed Kinect-enabled game for publisher 2K Games. Nofsinger said that it’s a licensed game and won’t purely be controlled by Kinect, so you don’t need one to play. Norsinger was quick to play down the idea that it could be that ‘killer-app’ for Kinect with all the potentially damaging hype that comes with such a claim. It’s probably best to not even think of it as a Kinect game and more like a Xbox 360 title with possible Kinect features: “This game works well with or without the Kinect. It’s supported as a device, so if you have the device it works very well, but I don’t think it’s this brilliant, genius idea,” he said. But he shouldn’t be too hard on whatever it could be just yet. Having a hands-free peripheral with the games it has is fine and a good laugh though a title that uses the device in more opportune moments, leaving traditional gameplay to be handled by a traditional controller would be a perfect balance of styles. These are purely my thoughts or wishes if you will and no further details were given at this time by Nofsinger. Again, GDC is when we’re likely to hear anymore. Intriguing though isn’t it?

Civilazation 5 to rule Macs this Christmas

The Mac’s legitimacy as a serious gaming platform just got a little greater with Aspyr announcing that it’ll be publishing 2K Games’ world dominating Civilization 5 later this year. Sadly no firmer release details were mentioned only that Sid Meiers’ highly praised strategy game will grace iMacs and G5’s this holiday season. The good thing is that what many publishers consider this profitable season has already begun so it could be any month, week or even day now. Maybe the release can finally stop my wife from hogging the console with Civilization Revolution!

BioShock 2 single-player DLC: Protector Trials

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Finally we get some single-player DLC for Bioshock 2 after the two multiplayer add-ons earlier this year. Out August 3rd for the surprise price of 400 MS Points or £3.43, The Protector Trials features new missions over six maps that focus on protecting your Little Sister from hordes of Splicers as she harvests ADAM – yep it’s more of that part of the game. Luckily, your powered up Big Daddy will be on hand to fulfil his escort duties. President of 2K Christoph Hartmann had this to say: “The team at 2K Marin has been working hard ever since the launch of BioShock 2 to develop ways for gamers to extend their time in the single-player world of Rapture. I’m proud to announce the first of these experiences, the Protector Trials, which takes players back to some of their favourite places from the original game and features some of the biggest challenges that fans of this series have ever experienced.” But don’t worry if you’re turning your nose up at the thought of more escort missions, because Hartmann claimed that more single-player DLC is on the way in the coming months. I may hold off until then before I jump back into Bioshock 2 even though I did quite enjoy playing the bouncer for the Little Sisters. Because after the umpteenth time of doing it, I began to loath the idea. Still, Bioshock 2 proved me wrong and turned out to be a great game so maybe this DLC will do the same. Maybe?

Borderlands brings joy to over two million

Despite predictions from Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter about how Take-Two had sent Boderlands “out to die”, the publisher couldn’t be more happy with the game. His comments were about how Take-Two where foolish to release anything remotely like a FPS or RPG so close to Modern Warfare 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. However, it seems the reluctance from other publishers to release titles and a great pick-up-and-play mechanic has made Borderlands a big success. Videogamer reports that the game’s sold over two million copies worldwide and is now considered a key franchise for Take-Two. It even led the companies Q4 sales. You know what that means? Borderlands 2 is already in development. I best go finish the first one – and its DLC then. Cool!

The undead come to Borderlands Nov 24th

Borderlands - Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Every good game deserves a good DLC. Couple that DLC with zombies and you’ve got yourself a great bit of content. 1up is reporting that the previously announced Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC for Borderlands is being released on November 24th for Xbox 360 and PS3. Sadly PC owners may have to wait a bit longer as 2K chose not to mention a version for them.

Just to recap – Dr. turns locals of Jacobs Cove into zombies and it’s up to us to find a cure while no doubt destroying a few of them along the way. Of course there will be oodles more loot to collect, keep or sell which is something that has been keeping me entertained for the last few weeks. For only 800 Microsoft points or around £6, more loot, zombies and even were-skags – oh yes, were-skags – sounds like a pretty good deal to me.