Liara’s new look

Even though Mass Effect‘s Liara Tsoni was probably conceived as an object of titillation, the character is one with a far deeper personality than many a video game heroine. The promiscuity of her race and the fact she’s not too bothered which sex takes an interest in her didn’t tempt BioWare design her as an object purely for the camera to linger over her curvatures. That’s what Miranda is for. So why then has the company commissioned Kotobukiya to make a Bishoujo (meaning cute girl in Japanese) version of the space sorcerer, turning a military ally into little more than a pair of boobs?

Yesterday, BioWare released three images of an unfinished Liara statue on their official Facebook page (via Kotaku) and want fans to give feedback on how it’s looking. So far, the response hasn’t been good. Many share the same feelings as I do and are confused as to why an anime version exists at all and disappointed that it’s made a favoured member of the Normandy a bit of a joke. I’m not sure what BioWare expected but it probably wasn’t the negativity they’re currently receiving. But then again, these aren’t for the western market and it’s the East, particularly Japan, where figurines like this are really quite popular. However, with estimated sales of the franchise being under 1 million units in Japan, I wonder if the avid Bishoujo fan would know or care who she is.


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