Chronicling success

Currently taking two-thirds of the world by storm at the moment is JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. I say two-thirds because for some reason, despite claiming they’re still all about the hardcore, Nintendo have been reluctant to release the game in the US. WIth internet campaigns and petitions doing the rounds, American Wii gamers received a slither of hope when region president Reggie Fils-Aime said the company are looking closely at the European sales of Xenoblade Chronicles to gauge whether or not they will listen to the thousands of voices all shouting for it to be released stateside.

Last Friday saw the debut of Xenoblade Chronicles and online retailer revealed that demand was so high, they were unable to fulfil all the orders straight away with stock supplies running low. That certainly bodes well for the US. Now, after the first weekend of sales, the all format chart for the week ending 20th August shows the massive RPG came in at a respectable number seven (via GamePro). It may not have been as high as Nintendo would’ve preferred to see but five out of the six games above it all appear on multiple platforms so their numbers were likely to be higher. Strip away that variable leaving the individual formate chart and Xenoblade Chronicles looks a damn sight better at number three.

I tried to pick up a copy over the weekend with little luck as everywhere I tried appeared to have sold out. It’s still available via some online retailers and with such rave reviews hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles won’t only stay in the charts for a while but will also be ported over to NSTC discs relatively soon. I find it odd that Nintendo of America wouldn’t want to at least give the game a shot in the US, especially when the types of people who are attracted to the kind of experience it offers are also the hardcore fan base loyal to Nintendo systems. But then again, Nintendo isn’t really in the position to just test things at the moment and in pure business terms, the money raised by selling the game isn’t guaranteed to cover the cost of bringing it to the US. I always find it weird when you read posts about how gamers are almost duty bound to support a game but in the case of Xenoblade Chronicles, I myself do feel some kind of necessity to buy it in order for other to enjoy. What’s the worst that can happen? I end up with one of the most highly praised JRPGs to come out in this generation. I can live with that.


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