Free Mass Effect comics!

Next week is San Diego’s Comic Con and among the cosplayers and artistry will be a couple of dudes from BioWare and Legendary talking about the Mass Effect movie. With no cast or director officially on board the expectations are possible announcements of who these will be and maybe even a few pieces of concept art. Something a little more substantial regarding the extended fiction of Mass Effect is happening today however with every digital comic based off the franchise being available for free on the Dark Horse website. The offer ends tonight at 11pm BST which may seem like plenty of time but the scurry of fans trying to download their freebies has actually caused a few issues with the site. At the moment, it’s only partially loading though so you may want to keep refreshing now and again for that magic moment of calm before another inevitable storm of interest.

I already have one of the comics series, Redemption, set before Mass Effect 2 telling the story of Liara and her ill-fated partner who becomes part of the Shadow Broker storyline in the game. The second series on offer is Evolution following the rise of the Illusive Man though without Martin Sheen’s voice, I wonder if he’s as cool. Lastly – yep, there are only three bundles of comics so far – is a seven-page teaser of Invasion, a series linked to Mass Effect 3. The full comic will be out later this year but Dark Horse and BioWare felt like wetting our whistles with a peek.

Novels and comics based on video games goes back as far as I can remember but the newer books, especially the Mass Effect tie ins, are the most worthy of reading. After finishing the first game I picked up Revelation written by Drew Karpyshyn, head writer at BioWare and really enjoyed the tone and pace of the book. Since then I must admit, I’ve not invested as much time video game books as I’d like so a promotion like this, giving away easily digestible chunks of story is greatly appreciated.


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