So Cliff, is Gears coming to PS3?…

Full console specific exclusivities are fast becoming a thing of the past. Unless a platform holder funds a project in some way, the likelihood of one system only ever having a certain game for its lifespan just doesn’t make sense economically for the publisher and all a dev team really want is their game to be played by all. But questions are still always asked as to whether Game X will ever come to system Y and with all the hype surrounding Gears of War 3 what with its insanely popular multiplayer beta just a few months ago, Cliff Bleszinski is regularly fighting the rumour of a PS3 version.

The most recent dispelling of said rumour originates from IndustryGamers where he said: “I would say in the foreseeable future there’s zero chances of Gears of War being on the PlayStation 3. Can we bury that now? Seriously. It’s like, we have a great deal with Microsoft, they’re a great partner…” but before he could finish, IG mentioned Mike Capps’ previous comments saying he’d love to see Gears on PS3 and cater for the Killzone / Resistance loving audience. Cliff’s comeback was to joke about how a quote like Capps’ makes for a good news story and is little more than that. He did mention how the DualShock controller would need tweaking and quickly ended that part of the conversation.

It’s interesting that the PS3’s controller was brought up at all though. I have to admit, it’s one of the reason why I tend to prefer shooters on the Xbox 360 and know of others who feel the same but again, rumours and headlines are being created out of nothing so I won’t pursue that train of thought. If not anything else, the real reason why Epic Games and Microsoft are so pally over Gears of War is down to the amount of support it gets. A good marketing campaign can do wonders for a game and Microsoft pump a shed load of money in making sure gamers know when a new Gears title is out and why they would want to play it. And as one of those exclusives which could become multi-platform (seeing as Epic own the IP), Microsoft need to do all they can to keep hold of it. Not only does it look great on their system but is a powerful triple A title for the holiday season. When the first Gears of War came out, the PS3 was just launching and its shooter, Resistance, was (somewhat unfairly) pitted against it in the usual console war. Journalistically it was a little trite but from a consumer’s point of view, it was hard not to and I would imagine the same will happen this year too when Resistance 3 is released a few weeks before Gears 3.

So will Gears ever come to the PS3? Most probably not but I’m sure the rumour isn’t dead yet, no matter how many times the design director himself denies it.


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