PS Vita ‘probably’ region free

There’s a reason why handheld consoles are called portables. It is, and this may shock you, because they are meant to be portable. So naturally, one of the bullet-points I’d be keen to find out regarding Sony’s PS VIta is whether or not it’ll be region-free. A simple request I know but when you think that Nintendo have only recently released the region-locked 3DS, I’m concerned that the PS Vita may follow in its territory-restricting ways.

But at a press session yesterday for European and Australian reporters (via IGN), Michael Denny, Sony’s VP of Worldwide Studios Europe, said that to the best of his knowledge, there will be NO region restrictions on the PS Vita. Such a quote would have been all the more impressive if he didn’t say ‘to the best of my knowledge’ because that indicates a final decision hasn’t been made or Mr Denny wasn’t given the memo saying otherwise.

The logic behind locking a portable device down to certain territories is a fairly backward one but with so many variations in law between countries, I do understand if Sony chose and Nintendo was forced to region-lock their devices. With the expanded content being offered on both PS Vita and 3DS, there’d be oodles of red-tape and paperwork to wade through in order to keep licence and copyright holders happy. But to us, the consumers, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating if you take your portable gaming system overseas and not be able to peruse the local game shops for a bargain or that particular title not available in your home country.

So lets just hope that Michael Denny’s knowledge is fully up to date on this one.


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