Frogger makes yet another come back.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Frogger is undeniably a classic video game, relevant for its generation and fun the first few times around. But publishers seem to think that just because a game is dubbed a classic, it can be churned out again and again on everything that houses a microchip. Why, just the other day I was manoeuvring a reptile through a busy street via a microwave. So here we are again at the dawn of yet another Frogger game, Frogger 3D for the 3DS. Konami announced the game last night at their pre-E3 conference and Destructoid bagged themselves a trailer which I have to say, does look interesting. Traditional Frogger modes will be accompanied by new stages and puzzles to navigate plus new enemies and allies too. Still, I don’t think this by any means will spark a resurgence in Frogger popularity but may be a tad entertaining in the short run. Then again…


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