David O. Russell is uncharted from Uncharted

Fans of the Uncharted series can relax a little over the news of David O. Russell’s departure from the movie adaptation. That’s not meant in spite, Russell is a competent writer and director but his vision for an Uncharted movie was looking to take the franchise into a weird area, devoid of any real contact with its games. Towards the end of last year, Mark Walberg outed his involvement with the film playing Nathan Drake and naming David O. Russell as its writer and director. At the time, Wahlberg said Russell’s ideas for the movie were “insane” adding how he believes the plans were, “off the charts: De Niro being my father, Pesci being my uncle.” Yep, in Russell’s world, Drake would be accompanied by his dad and uncle as they jet around the world seeking justice while dealing with not only museums but heads of state too.

Does that sound familiar? No, aside from the Indiana Jones similarities, Russell’s idea was indeed insane and sounded more and more as if the only relation to the PS3 games would be its name. Of course, the internet reacted badly since we all know how video game adaptation can turn out when they stray too far from the established fiction and yesterday Variety reported Russell’s exiting from the project due to creative differences from Sony. Now I doubt the two are linked, if Sony had faith in Russell and his vision no number of articles criticising it would have made any difference but it looks like things just went tits up for the movie. That doesn’t mean it’s all over however, Sony are still very interested in developing one of their biggest names for the silver screen and the thought is the whole thing will start from scratch with Wahlberg’s inclusion left in doubt.

It would be wrong to be overjoyed at the news, after all, four people have effectively lost a gig but it does mean that the door has been left wide open for someone with less “insane” ideas for the project. A good place to start would be the games themselves. Sure, a tad hoaky in places but then what major blockbuster isn’t?


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