Introducing Duke Nudem. No, that’s not a typo.

In an effort to appeal to fans of bare flesh the world over, 2K has peeled back a rather dirty curtain on one of the promotional campaigns for Duke Nukem Forever (via Videogamer). Behind said curtain is four young ladies who are clearly difficult to find clothes for and eager to remove them at the drop of a bullet. The promo is called Duke Nudem – see what they did?… – and is virtual strip show disguised as a shooting gallery. The girls, Vicky, Jo, Stacey and Rosie are packing heat and it’s the single-handed viewers job to shoot easily obtainable targets in order to see them topless. It’s a beast out of three competition with unlocks and semi-nude wallpapers as your reward.

The whole thing is quite harmless but, really? 2K are clearly going the whole hog with the image for the Duke Nukem franchise and his uber male boob-loving persona. I doubt that the full game is massively appealing to female gamers because of the overly macho, fairly low-brow humour (but then I might be stereotyping by suggesting that) however this campaign feels a bit uncomfortable and worst still is the desire to distance yourself from the franchise.

But lets look at the backside, I mean, flip side of this. Products like deodorant and psuedo-porn mags use this kind of advertising and marketing all the time to shift their products and it seems to fit the audience quite well. It’s no secret that Duke is geared towards that kind of consumer with the rest of us keen to give it a go but just not willing to admit the fact. Does Duke Nudem help? Nope. Is it perfect for the target audience? Absolutely.


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