Welcome back to PSN. Have some old games

The PlayStation Network is slowly coming back online with individual territories being drip fed its features until soon, all this nasty hacking business will be a distant memory. Good for Sony, I’m glad to see them back online and more so the users and dedicated fans who have been deprived of games, content and the confidence that their private data is still private.

To make good, Sony announced details of a Welcome Back programme where users affected by the outage are to be given two out of five PS3 games and two out of four PSP ones. If you have both PS3 and PSP, you’ll be in able to download four games altogether. Nice huh? But what are the titles available? I speculated that it could go either way with the generosity from having relatively new games to ones that have been around for years. Sadly, we’ve been given the latter. European PSN users can choose from LittleBigPlanet (2008), inFamous (2009), Wipeout HD/Fury (2008), Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty (2008) and the newest game on the PS3 list, Dead Nation (2010). For the PSP, you have LittleBigPlanet (2009), Pursuit Force (2005!!), Killzone Liberation (2006) and ModNation PSP (2010).

On top of those good but mighty old games non PS Plus member get a free 30 trial whereas existing members will be given 60 days extra for free. Music Unlimited subscribers will have an extra 30 days subscription and Home users are to be treated somehow in the future but those details are missing right now. You have 30 days in order to claim the games and must have been an account holder on 20th April 2011.

But seriously? I know it sounds incredibly ungrateful but most of the games have been kicking around for a fair amount of time. They’re great if you’ve never played them though I’d guess the likelihood is that many members will do. Commenters on the European PlayStation Blog, where the news broke, voiced their displeasure at the list to which a Sony representative responded by saying Sony put a lot of effort into compiling a list of quality Blu-Ray games instead of just PSN titles and the average Metacritic rating for all in question is 84%. It’s really hard to offer something for everyone who owns an account he said referencing the 77 million figure which is known to be grossly inaccurate. But fair point, coming out of such a travesty which is bound to have cost Sony a great deal of money and offering anything like this is commendable on their part however when you have games that date back to 2005 it’s hard not to scoff at Sony. And this is not about getting free content any more it’s about feeling valued as a customer. Old games don’t make me feel valued. Do you?


One thought on “Welcome back to PSN. Have some old games

  1. It actually doesn’t make me feel valued. You figure in the fact that those like me who have supported the system since, well essentially day one aren’t really being treated to anything. I have all these games already aside from LBP and Zombie Nation… which means those will be my 2 choices. Thing is the reason I don’t have LBP is because I really don’t care for the game. I’m sure it’s awesome but it has never struck my fancy… hence I don’t have it. Why would I want it, even if it’s free?
    I understand their argument that these select games were given high metacritic scores but ya see, scores are all subjective. Everyone has their own personal tastes. Metacritic says LBP is an amazing game… I have played it and I only consider it ok. Not something that I would purchase. sigh.
    Well I guess I do have a psp so I get 2 games there but same problem with those selections. I ether already have them or I don’t because I never wanted them in the first place.
    So how much value do I get out of this deal?? Not much. I guess I get 60 extra days of PS+ even though I lost about 30 days already.
    Lets break it down for me personally…
    I get 4 games that I likely will never play. I get +60 days of PS+ minus the time that the PSN has been down. I get free identity theft protection for a year as long as I sign up. I get all of this for the low sum of my personal information.

    I’m not overly pleased with this scenario. I think I would have been happier with a $50 credit to the PSN. That way I could purchase stuff that I actually wanted.

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