eShop slips again

If like me you were looking forward to downloading a copy of ExciteBike 3D when the 3DS online store is launched, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Nintendo released their new handheld without the inclusion of an online store and after a considerable to-ing and fro-ing of rumours, it was confirmed that it was to be bundled with an update scheduled for later this month. But Nintendo has decided to again delay the launch (via Kotaku) though only until June 7th, so a mere week or so.

The news isn’t great nor was the omittance of an online store in the first place but really, is it that detrimental? I get that the system feels a bit lacking in places without a digital downloadable area, particularly when devices it’s competing with come with them as standard but I’m personally not that bothered with the wait. True, I would like to do a bit more with my 3DS at the moment and not go over the same few decent launch games but I’d rather Nintendo get the service right since their current online services rank pretty poorly not to mention the debacle with Sony’s PSN at the moment. And playing retro games in 3D or just some classic GameBoy titles would be pretty cool though it wasn’t the sole reason I picked up a system. I don’t know, maybe I’m too lenient on the matter…


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