At a recent press event, Namco Bandai announced their popular arcade flight-sim series, Ace Combat, will be finding a new home on the 3DS (via TheSixthAxis) and I must say I’m rather excited. Being an uber-nerd for the Ace Combat franchise, I tend to pick up whatever comes out bearing its name regardless of platform or indeed if I’d play it for any great length of time – slightly odd from a self confessed fanboy but bear with me. As much as I enjoy aeriel dogfighting and ridiculously impassioned cut scenes, my tastes have changed somewhat meaning what would have kept me entertained for hours ten years ago won’t do the same for me now. But the Ace Combat franchise is changing. It’s being rebooted as Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, coming October 14th for HD consoles and looks to give more emphasis on the action while revamping the control scheme. You have to imagine that with a big shift in ideas, the 3DS version will be more in tune with the reboot and less likely to be a port of the PSP or iPhone games which are good but stick with the older model. Less likely but not confirmed much like a lot of the details including a release date. September last year was when the company first spoke of a 3DS game in the series and little was said about it back then too. All we know now is that it’s definitely coming to Europe. But like I said at the start of this post, I’ll probably buy it. When I first tried Pilotwings Resort, I said how good the planes controlled using the analog nub of the 3DS. Take that idea, strap on some missiles and a machine gun and I’m sold!


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