Sorry your details were nicked, here are some free games

Sony are in a whole heap of trouble with PSN being down. A growing number of authorities are asking questions as to why it happened and how the public got so royally screwed by having their identities stolen. Luckily for them, no reports of those taken identities being used by the hackers (or associates of) has come to light but with another attack allegedly planned today, who knows what else they’ll take – that is to say if there’s anything actually left.

One of the promises from Sony upon the return of PSN are a lengthened subscription to PlayStation Plus for subscribers and a free month for those not signed to the discount service. Sony have just announced on top of that, they’ll be offering two free PS3 games from a list of five and two free PSP games from a list if four depending on whether you’re a PS3 or PSN user. The names of said lists were absent from the post on the European PS blog as was what Sony Japan and Sony America will be giving their regions. Most likely it’ll be the same deal just with different lists to choose from.

In all honesty I didn’t expect this level of generosity. So far Sony have fumbled through the whole hacking mess pointing fingers and being uncomfortably secretive over important details. But this is a positive move to win back support when there’s an awful amount of hate circling the company and a pretty cool one at that. Though to play devil’s advocate, not supplying the titles of the games we’ll be offered could suggest they’re not all that exciting or ones most gamers are likely to already own. History shows it could go either way with Sony’s freebies. When PlayStation Plus launched last year, a free copy of LittleBigPlanet came with it (in Europe), a game that was already nearly two years old. But when Double Fine released the delightful Stacking a few months ago, PS Plus members were given that free of charge too so brand new games can’t necessarily be excluded, nor can third party titles for that matter.

Pessimistically I’d say we’ll be shown a list of first party games of last year at best but the optimist in me thinks that both third and first party titles will be included. Ones that really aren’t that old either. Here’s hoping PSN comes back in the very near future so we can find out what exactly are on those lists and more importantly, delete all credit card details play online.


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