Kinect’s triple A future

With only relatively small number of titles available and fewer still being announced for the future, Microsoft’s Kinect has no problems when it comes to selling. So far, somewhere in the region of 12 million units have been sold since its launch last November with eager modders, casual enthusiasts and tech-geeks making up a large percentage of that audience. Those known as the hardcore aren’t as embracing as the rest but that could be soon about to change thanks to Microsoft Games Studios Vancouver. One of their artists, Shawn Woods, posted on his personal blog (via NeoGAF) how the studio strategy has changed from social games filled with microtransactions to “developing a core AAA shooter experience using Kinect.”

If this is true, and considering it’s from a member in-house the likelihood is high, it would be the second core game said to be headed to Kinect. The first being whatever Epic is allegedly working on with the Gears of War engine. Kotaku was given a screenshot which supposedly showed Marcus Phoenix mimicking the actions of a human player filmed by Kinect. No one quite knows how much truth can be harvested from it and exactly what the game will eventually be but MGS Vancouver are very openly saying they’re making a shooter and their site claiming a devotion to making games for core gamers.

The big question is how a shooter will control via Kinect and if it’ll be a comfortable experience or one that gamers wish they had a controller for. One title that may be able to answer this is The Gunslinger. In it, you control a puppet on strings with one hand and shoot enemies using the other by shaping the hand like a gun. The trailer look as if it could be a lot of fun but the art style gives an impression that The Gunslinger is more quirky than core. Not a bad thing at all if that’s what you’re going for but from the sounds of it, MGS Vancouver are striving for something more in the realms of a military shooter. I could be way off and am only jumping to such conclusions because that’s the first thing people think of when you say “AAA core shooter” and their site shows two dubious looking chaps overlooking the Vancouver skyline. Just a nice image for the site maybe? Maybe.

Since E3 is just over a month away there’s a strong possibility we’ll see some more information and hopefully more on Kinect’s future developments in general. Like some real in-game footage of that Star Wars title and whether or not Infinity Blade will hobble onto Kinect as it did begin its life there.


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