Miyamoto’s numerous confirmations

We’ve seen the logo, we knew it was coming but so far all Nintendo have said about Super Mario 3DS is that we’ll find out more come this year’s E3. Satoru Iwata announced the game early in the year at GDC showing a handful of screenshots and saying how the move from a 2D platformer to a 3D one proved to be problematic for some gamers, specifically precision jumping. Today, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke to Edge about Super Mario 3DS revealing “It’s a combination of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario on N64. It won’t convey the message if I talk to you today, but if you play it at E3 that will give you more understanding of what I’m talking about.” I think from such a statement like that, we can get a good understanding of what he’s talking about. Both those titles are quite similar with Galaxy adding gravitational elements and ramping up the creativity of levels and suits. If Super Mario 3DS is a combination of the two, we can expect comparable gameplay and innovative gravity physics.

Because the game will be in stereoscopic 3D, Miyamoto believes the difficulties of pseudo 3D Mario games will be a thing of the past. Using floating platforms as an example, Miyamoto said: “In 2D it’s difficult to judge the distance, but in 3D it’s really easy.” He also said that the title is coming this year and echo earlier comments in an Iwata Asks feature about how it’ll be completely original. Adding to the promised originality will be the return of the Tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros 3 whose tail was seen in the logo shown at GDC. “The tail you mentioned on the logo – it’s what you think it is. You probably know what’s going to happen using that character,” said Miyamoto. Flying in Super Mario 3DS? Confirmed? Pretty much.

While he was at it, Miyamoto also confirmed the existence of a Wii successor but said even less about that, pleading for Edge not to ask anymore questions about it: “Don’t ask! Even when the Wii launched we were developing new hardware, work on 3DS had already started. It’s a matter of when we announce it. Please wait. Be patient until we decide.” No one ever thought for a minute that Nintendo wouldn’t be releasing another console but a lot of speculations were about simply a HD upgrade of existing hardware. From the latest rumours, the new system will be more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3, have the ability to play Wii games and a controller featuring a large HD touchscreen. Even if Nintendo weren’t planning on announcing anything about Project Cafe at E3, they may be forced to if more rumours keep surfacing. It could be another good year for Nintendo at E3 in June.


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