The PSPgo has gone

Failing to reach its second birthday, the PSPgo is dead. A rumour was flying around the web yesterday about how Sony will be ceasing the manufacture and distribution of PSPgos and today that rumour has been confirmed (via Kotaku). Ever quick to see the silver lining in every grey cloud, Sony added how they’re doing so “in order to concentrate on the NGP,” reminding us that the new system will go on sale later this year.

It’s probably not a bad thing that the PSPgo is being pushed aside to make way for the real generational step up from the original PSP since it’s never been anything but trouble for Sony. From the very start in 2009, numerous retailers where expressing their disdain for the system which has no physical software but instead is solely based on digital distribution. No UMDs meant no additional income for shops who sold the PSPgo and as a result, not many did. Slightly bizarre when the same stores stocked iPods. Nevertheless, the lack of retailer interest was mirrored by the consumer making the handheld one triumphant failure. When publishers even shunned the PSPgo, excluding some titles from its catalogue, I think even Sony had given up on it.

The previous iteration however, the PSP 3000, still continues to sell with a large user-base built up in Japan, helping to keep system alive. I never upgraded from my launch model PSP and was once tempted by the shiny new PSPgo, especially when it was being sold with ten free games. But despite such a generous deal, I thought better of it and after today’s news, I’m certainly glad I did.


2 thoughts on “The PSPgo has gone

  1. Well being an owner of a pspGo I am disappointed with the news yet not at all surprised. Not only did publishers and consumers deny support for the system, so did Sony. That’s sad to say the least. I still think it’s a great system and one that I carry around with me at all times.

    Personally the biggest problems I see with the system is that the digital versions of a game are typically more expensive than the physical versions. I don’t think that makes any sense to anyone. Also the price point of the system was a curse from the start. I’m glad I got mine for essentially free with Sony credit. Lastly not all physical games are in digital format. Like you said, 3rd party support is totally lacking.

    The news is definitely sad for me seeing as I know there is so much potential in the system. There’s a lot that Sony did wrong with this system… yet I’m sure they have learned a lot and that the NGP would be a completely different animal if Sony never released the Go as a test handheld.

    • You’re right, I actually forgot to add that into the article but yeah, the digital versions were indeed more expensive than store bought ones. Bypassing the retailer should have meant cheaper games and you would have thought third parties would be happy to make downloadable versions of their games seeing as the PSP has such a problem with piracy. The whole situation was and still is very odd!

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