Angry aggregations

As if Metacritic wasn’t steeped in enough controversy, the aggregation site has once again been made to look the fool by its users. Instead of giving honest and balanced opinions, members of the user reviews section have polluted the figure of Portal 2 with a number of 0/10 scores (via Why? A lot of grumbles are due to the game being a console port – heaven forbid – with PC users are expressing their disgust at how Valve’s highly anticipated puzzler already has a mountain of launch day DLC. A common console idea not generally found on PC titles.

Portal 2‘s length is another gripe. One user said how if it was cheaper, a 10/10 score is perfectly fitting but a 4-6 hour experience isn’t worth $60. The critics disagree. The 19 which have so far been submitted collectively award Portal 2 with 95/100, claiming it’s not only better than the first but one of finest games ever made. That sure sounds like it’s worth paying full price for.

The absurdity of a game’s length directly affecting its price is continuously brought into conversations yet only ever one way. No one ever shouts how a 40-60 hour RPG should cost considerably more than a 12 hour FPS. If a game provides anything more than a satisfactory experience, hasn’t it justified its price tag? And the platform ownerships of titles is a little ridiculous. There are some games which by their very nature are far better suited for one system over another, the RTS genre for example, but if anything, Portal was just a big a hit for the Xbox 360 as it was for the PC so the fact that it’s become more console-focused as a package is expected and doesn’t sound as if it detrimentally effects the actual game.

Thankfully, the user scores aren’t regarded very highly because of occasions such as this but it’s still a shame that it happens at all. Having your own opinion is fine as long as the criticisms are educated and not aggressively negative for the sake of lowering an aggregate score.


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