Review: Expedition Case for Nintendo 3DS

I was contacted by the good people of Gamingzap about whether I wouldn’t mind reviewing one of their products. They specialise in accessories with one of the latest being an officially licensed 3DS case, which I was asked to take a look at. My first reaction was “How am I going to review a case? Surely all they need to do is protect the device, look good and be easy to use.” But right there is three good topics for discussion so without further ado, here are my thoughts:

Gamingzap’s case feels like a tough cookie. The outer shell has a firm bottom but flexible padded top with both parts providing adequate protection for your 200 quid handheld. Dropping the case with your 3DS inside won’t result in anything more serious than being called butter fingers by your mates. Inside is lined with a material soft to the touch with a flap that allows for DS and 3DS games to be stored in elasticated pockets. Continuous mistreatment by jamming more carts in than is recommended – which is six – will in time stretch out the pockets so best not do anything silly like that eh? Similar to the game pockets are two holders for styluses if ever you misplace the one that comes with the 3DS. If like me you’re anal about how your prized gadgets are stored, this case won’t let you down when it comes to its security.

Fashion conscious gamers may get a kick out of the retro stylings of the case as its top looks like it could be straight out of Star Fox. Angular shapes and a simple two colour scheme makes the appearance of the case fit with its content and audience. The inside is black which is said to go with everything so, if colour really does bother you, the case is future-proofed so to speak for the obligatory wave of coloured 3DSs Nintendo will surely release in the future.

Ease of use
A zip wraps around three quarters of the curved case and needless to say, it worked fine with no jamming or catching even after the most vigorous of testing. It feels odd to praise a zip but if like me you’ve ever bought a hooded top from the fashion equivalent of poundland (you know the shop…) then you’d know how important a good zip is! The previously mentioned elasticated pockets hold the carts snuggly in place but if for some reason they ever did squirm free, the pockets are angled in such a way that your precious games won’t fall out but simply jingle about inside.

As cases go, Gamingzap’s offering does the job. For around thirteen pound you’ll get something that cushions your 3DS from falls and houses more games than are worth having out of the launch line up leaving room for your favourite DS games too. A nice little case indeed.


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