As clean as Cole

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Every time Rockstar release a trailer for L.A. Noire, I always harp on about the facial animations, how lifelike they appear and how they could raise the bar for in-game acting. So I’ll spare you the flowery butt kissing, even if trailer number three above once again looks stunning and state some of the facts. Hero Cole Phelps is one step removed from the usual Rockstar protagonist. He isn’t being forced to kill for money or has any kind of shattered American dream to face. What he does find challenging is keeping the rest of the LAPD on the straight and narrow what with all the dirty money flowing through their grubby hands. The new trailer details some of his plight as an clean-cut detective but I have to wonder if we’ll be able to decide whether he remains that way throughout the game. Can we turn him from a life of unquestioning duty to just another bent cop on a severely bent police force? Not that I would of course, I tend to stick to the path of good when games offer moral choices but it’ll be interesting to see if L.A. Noire can, or rather has the option to, tempt me into the world of sleaze and corruption when its released in Europe on May 20th.


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