Android ends the emulation Xperience

One of the alluring devices of the Android App Store is the many console emulators that have been allowed to exist, playing all sorts of retro titles from NES and beyond. The most popular PS1 emulator, PSX4Droid was removed from Google’s store without warning because a “Content Policy Violation”. Zodttd who developed the emulator tweeted (via Pocket Gamer) the news suggesting the removal was more to do with Sony’s Xperia Play than anything else and “The timing is suspicious with no remedy.”

But come on, can it really be so shocking that something, which for all intense purposes is illegal, is removed from an international store? The arrival of Xperia Play is almost certainly a contributing factor of Sony’s clampdown because of its ability to play PS1 games but regardless of that, the original creators of a product will no doubt do all they can to protect their property, including the removal of emulators. They and ROMS are ultimately bad news if mistreated though some do argue their legitimacy for backing up previously bought content however the reality is a lot more sinister unfortunately.


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