GTAV’s possible paedo

The internet is rife with rumours for games with even the slightest whiff of a story sparking numerous articles and opinions. But some of those rumours are more than mere whiffs, carrying more of a stink with them. According to the latest news about a fifth Grand Theft Auto game, Take-Two are on the look out for actors and actresses for voice work, one of which is a paedophile.

The publisher put out a request over at the talent database Actors Pages (via Eurogamer) where they’re seeking five vocal talents, four of which are the usual sort of GTA personalities; a liberal male concerned with government conspiracies, a creepy dude who hates all technology, a party-going celeb-wannabe sex-addict girl and a boy fighting for the right for his peers to drink and have sex. The fifth is a James Pedeaston, described as a mid 40s man-boy love activist who has just been released from an Indonesian prison. Why people believe this is linked to GTAV is down to Take-Two being maker of video games so the possibility they’re staffing up anything else is almost non existent and that the name James Pedeaston appeared as a radio DJ in GTAIV who was on the run for molestation charges in Malaysia. So putting two and two together, it does point to a rather filthy four.

I’d expect as soon as the outside media gets hold of this, there’ll be a whole storm of controversy much like there was with GTA: San Andreas‘ Hot Coffee incident or the public condemning of Bully due to the misinformation that the game is little more than a bullying simulator. Not to mention its homosexual references. Personally, I’m in two minds as to how the inclusion of a child sex offender will play out. Rockstar have proven themselves in the past to be able to handle mature storylines and situations with great effect. Both GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption had some powerful and piteous moments but as if to contrast this, they equally had elements of childishness still tugging on that prepubescent mentality in all of us. If the call is to do with a fifth Grand Theft Auto and the intention is to include a paedophile I’d be very interested to see which side of the developers’ brain he comes from, the mature or comically juvenile, as I’m sure the rest of the industry is too. It’s worth mentioning the strides taken with L.A. Noire however and how there appears to be considerable changes to the company’s ethos so it’s also possible that something like a GTAV will follow suit.

P.s, I appreciate the irony in beginning the article about perpetuating rumours and then doing so myself…


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