Xbox truly here to stay

If you’d like to be part of the next Microsoft product, then you’re in luck because the company are looking for testers for an Xbox 360 system update (via 1up). But this isn’t an ordinary update which tinkers around with the dashboard or adds avatars, the thousands of people picked will be helping Microsoft “prepare for an updated Xbox 360 disc format.” Initial thoughts skip to the now defunct HD-DVD discs but the likelihood of that is slim considering Toshiba, the main manufacturer, dropped the format swiftly back in 2008 plus it would mean all Xbox 360 owners would need a player, which they don’t have and part of the reason HD DVDs died out.

Nothing more was said other than those who partake in the testing will receive a copy of Halo: Reach, presumably in this new disc format and possibly more rewards in the future. While it’s all a little bit cryptic, it does suggest the Xbox 360 isn’t going anywhere soon with Microsoft instead choosing to upgrade the existing hardware. It’s sensible really, over 10 million people have bought Kinect with a good number of Xbox 360 bundles as part of that figure so releasing the next piece of hardware anytime soon would sour this new audience.

Other than having to be a resident of the US with an Xbox Live Gold account, testing is open to anyone by simply clicking here.


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