Is one second enough?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After scooping a BAFTA for recognition of his contribution to video games, Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios released an ominous short and sweet teaser for the company’s next game. From the video, the game is called 1 Second Perfection (like an unfortunate nickname for a high schooler) or at least that’s its working title.

The video quotes famous Elite developer, David Braben who once said: “Why can we not make a game that will last days, not just hours?”. Now that we’re well and truly in that era of video games with some titles lasting numerous years, Peter Molyneux has asked a question of his own: “Can we create a game that lives forever but is only played for 1 second?”. I don’t know, can you? After both those quotes pop up, something that looks rather like a thrown-together robot with glowing green eyes turns to look at the viewer. “How would you play your 1 second” flashes on screen followed by the name and announcement of an open beta coming in Autumn this year.

In the past, Molyneux has been highly ambitious with his games, maybe too ambitious perhaps which resulted in his apology to the public for promising things in games that were never delivered upon. Is this just another one of his wild ideas, never quite working out the way he wants them too? I still believe the man’s a visionary and we’re lucky to have someone like him in the industry. The games – mainly his Fable series – may have over promised and under delivered but that didn’t stop them all being great games and didn’t stop our connection to their core ideas. How would I play my 1 second? I have no idea but am keen to find out what Lionhead are offering.


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