Lima Sky doodles on Kinect

Normally, publishers instruct development teams to awkwardly port console games to mobile devices but Lima Sky have turned that idea on its head with their announcement that Doodle Jump is to soon become an XBLA Kinect game. On the second birthday of the often-copied seldom-bettered platformer, over 10 million downloads has made Doodle Jump a very hot property with more improvements coming to the iPhone versions soon like a multiplayer mode. How it’ll work exactly is still under wraps but the hope is that two players will be able to go head-to-head on one playing field, potentially knocking one another out of the picture. A numbered life system would probably have to be implemented too because imagine the rage if your pal kicks you out in the first few seconds?

Lima Sky are also at work on an iPad version for those who prefer a more two-handed approach to their doodle jumping. Video games are just the start too with toys and comics coming later this year. Lord knows what the comic will be about but I quite fancy getting my hands on a cuddly Doodle the Doodler, the game’s aptly named protagonist. But it’s the Kinect port that is the most interesting for me, a new owner of Microsoft’s motion device. Will it be controlled via hand movements or a shifting of the whole body? The former wouldn’t be as much fun as the latter so that’s my guess. Another point of interest will be the price. Currently, Doodle Jump is only 59p on both Apple and Android marketplaces but the cost will no doubt rise when it comes to XBLA. Just how much is dependant on the time and effort put into porting the game but you can bet there’ll be a few disgruntled gamers if it goes too far beyond the 400 MS Point mark.

It’s funny how a medium which has been said to be in decline, or dying if you will, is the next port of call for the games which are said to be killing it. Perhaps the popularity of mobile gaming is just part of the continuous broadening of the market rather than anything to do with one platform replacing another. Either way, Doodle Jump headed for XBLA Kinect could be something that all types of player will appreciate.


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