How to be a cop the Rockstar way

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rockstar Games have released another video in their L.A. Noire gameplay series today with the latest focusing on the interrogation and investigation process. As the video’s narrator states, each mission begins with a crime scene that must be checked out by the player in order to obtain vital clues. Some may simply continue your line of thinking while others could all but wrap up the case there and then. Next comes the interrogation of whiteness and suspects where the true marvel of L.A. Noire takes centre stage, the facial animations. Rockstar and various media outlets have been shouting from the rooftops about the unparalleled realism in these sequences for good reason, they’re integral to the missions. You can choose to believe what you’re hearing, doubt it or harass the suspect hoping to get the answers you desire. By reading the characters faces, you should be able to decide the best course of action but misreading the signals could cost you valuable information. You can’t badger a suspect until they give in because lean on the wrong person too hard and they’re likely to end the conversation early.

The differences between L.A. Noire and previous Rockstar games are increasing in number each time we see it (in a positive way) but one thing that remains constant is the ability to get players talking. When GTA IV was released, I would greatly look forward to meeting up with friends who were also playing through Nico’s broken American dream to see how they completed various missions and what manner of crazy they experienced while doing so. L.A. Noire‘s multitude of branching paths and options looks to offer the very same basis for conversations among gamers, something that is becoming increasingly common and definitely welcomed in recent video games.


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