He who dares gives up easily

Ubisoft caused quite a raucous recently with their passively controversial Wii and PS3 party game We Dare. But in a movement contradictory to its very name, We Dare will no longer be coming to the UK because of mounting pressure from certain members of the public. In a statement to The Daily Mail (via Eurogamer), who warned the nation about the game last week, Ubisoft said “Following the public reaction to the 12+ rating of We Dare, Ubisoft has made the decision not to sell the game in the United Kingdom.”

It should be obvious from the disturbing trailer and content of We Dare that the game was designed and marketed purely for adults which Ubisoft are adamant of. Players spanking each other with Wii remotes in their back pockets and awkward suedo-seductive gyrating aren’t actions that a massive corporation like Ubisoft would risk condoning for children. The product description isn’t much better either: “You can also use your Wii Balance Board for additional gameplay based on pure body mass… are you the lightest one in the group? Perhaps shedding some clothes will even the playing field… it’ll definitely make the party more interesting!”

With visuals and suggestions like that it’s odd, no, downright ludicrous how PEGI rated and insist the 12+ rating is suitable for We Dare. For all we know the game could be utter trite, playing to sexually promiscuous adults fresh from the chemist with a 12 pack and adventurous lubricant but the fact is Ubisoft aren’t at fault here. Predictable scaremongering and baffling misjudgement are. Both of those things do not bode well for the games industry.


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