Pre-order the pre-owned

There are very few people who can say they’ve never purchased a pre-owned game. They’re cheaper, sometimes easier to obtain and for the most part, identical to a brand new copy. But because publishers and developers get boned when their games gets resold with all the profit going elsewhere, a wave a initiatives are being implemented in order to try and get people to keep their copies. Things like DLC, day-one bonuses and passes for online play. Whose to blame? The finger is usually pointed at retailers who buy back titles for obscenely low price then reprice it at a similar price to brand new ones. Once stockist, Game, is turning that finger back, adding another next to it as if to signal a big ‘up yours’ to the publishers by offering a service to pre-order pre-owned games (via Eurogamer). For £33.99 you can have the chance to play either Fight Night Champion, WWE All-Stars, Virtua Tennis 4, Crysis 2, Homefront, Dragon Age II, Shift II: Unleashed or Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 a week later than their released dates. The claim is you’ll be saving £16 off the RRP but it’s rare that games ever go on sale at £49.99 and flitter around the £39.99 price. So for six quid less and at least (it must be stressed) a week after release, you could finally get to play the game you want.

It’s odd, isn’t the idea of pre-ordering a game usually done by those who want to play it straight away and are often of the hardcore persuasion? Seems a bit weird to me and I’m sceptical as to whether it’ll catch on. Sceptical and hopeful too. To me, if a game is worth pre-ordering, I wouldn’t want to wait and miss out on potential content. And what do Game think the publishers will make of it? They’re continuing moving towards a market without physical retail stores so you would have thought Game would want to stay in their good books eh?


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