Phelps gets naked for Game

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well isn’t this something? As if offering a whole mission as part of a pre-order bonus for L.A. Noire wasn’t incentive enough, Rockstar have released a trailer featuring The Naked City case, initially exclusive to Game customers. Those crafty devils. Why? Because it looks freaking good and likely to get gamers pre-ordering early. See? Crafty.

The Naked City case has Detective Phelps investigating what appears to be a suicide of a beautiful fashion model. Lying naked in a pool of blood surrounded by pills, her cause of death seems pretty obvious but wait, where did those bruises come from? Hmm… Okay, dramatics over, in all seriousness, The Naked City case underlines the notion that L.A. Noire isn’t ‘just another GTA’ and it’s part of a pre-order, later becoming some paid for DLC. Just think what you’ll be getting up to in the full game.



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