Celebrations continue for Link

Remember how The Legend of Zelda series turned 25 exactly last Monday? Nintendo have confirmed they will indeed celebrate with the gravitas a milestone like this is privy to but didn’t say what those celebrations entail. All that was said is that Shigeru Miyamoto is “working on a plan that will allow all Zelda lovers to celebrate together.” Together? Here we go, Zelda MMO confirmed! Right!? Don’t be silly. To celebrate Mario’s silver anniversary, Nintendo re-released the 16Bit collection of classic Mario games, Super Mario All-Stars complete with a book of early development ideas and a soundtrack. Perhaps Zelda will be treated to something similar, bundling the 8 and 16Bit games onto one Wii disc. But the remake of The Ocarina of Time coming to the 3DS later this year is fast becoming celebration enough if the new screenshots are anything to go by. Dodgy port this isn’t as Nintendo are seemingly sprucing up every pixel and polygon, adding detail where there was once a blurry smudge. Whatever this collective celebration of Zelda may be from Miyamoto, right now it’s taking second place to all these lovely new images (found on Siliconera).


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