Pre-orders no moire

Last week, Rockstar revealed a number of pre-order goodies available for L.A. Noire via differing retailers. It caused a bit of a stink because the bonuses sounded like they could be substantial pieces of content with whole missions being restricted depending on where you choose to buy the game from. To remedy the negativity surrounding what should be a pleasant announcement, Rockstar have confirmed that all the pre-order bonuses will be available as paid for DLC after L.A. Noire has launched on May 20th. The official website states (via TVG): “All of the L.A. Noire pre-order content will be made available for purchase as DLC at some point after the game comes out.” And as if to prove there was never any foul play at hand, it continues with: “We have long planned to do this for all digital pre-order items.”

Does this sway your decision to buy L.A. Noire from the participating retailers offering the pre-order content? I read quite a few comments from disgruntled gamers who claimed they’d be purchasing the game from supermarkets in an attempt to boycott the promotional deal. Now that the content will definitely be available for all, is it any less offensive? I’m hoping to pick up L.A. Noire regardless and will probably go for the deal that includes the most bonuses. I would imagine there will be a number of others now thinking the same thing.


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