Microsoft kinect with developers

When Microsoft launched their Kinect, they optimistically set a sales figure at the five million mark, hoping to make a dent in the competitors’ market. Come January the platform holder announced the peripheral had sold in excess of eight million units within its first 60 days showing that regardless of price, the consumers were willing to adopt a new playing style. Some of the sales can and should be accredited to the legion of modders who have made all kinds of weird and wonderful experiments with Kinect but as I found over the weekend after buying one myself, the more casual audience love it.

Because of the Kinect’s proven popularity, Microsoft told CVG that developer interest has spiked with them now believing it can be a profitable venutre: “Interest has absolutely spiked [since Christmas]. We were excited about Kinect going into the holidays when we released it but I think we even exceeded our own expectations. It’s great to see developers coming back and saying ‘wow, this is a serious platform’ – the numbers speak for themselves. We’re selling consoles faster than we ever have. We’re selling Kinect in massive numbers… So it creates an opportunity for [developers].”

The absence of developer names is a little concerning but not unexpected. They’ll announce projects when the time is right for them to do so. But it would have been reassuring if a few first party titles were named, however. All sorts of rumours are swirling around the net about a Gears of War Kinect game with Kotaku allegedly bagging themselves photographic evidence and that was enough to get people talking. Some more hints to that effect would suffice.

There are a couple of things on the horizon for Kinect which have piqued gamers’ interest in varying ways. Double Fine recently revealed their Once Upon a Monster, a game aimed at kids in the world of Sesame Street. A company like Double Fine is sure to add a few hooks for the older player though or at least I’m hoping they are to give me an excuse to try it out! Twisted Pixel will releasing Gunstringer sometime this year and from early footage, it’s being dubbed as the first hardcore game for the peripheral. Its success will be eagerly monitored as to whether traditionally controller-based experiences can be achieved just by waving your hands. I think they just may be able to crack it you know…


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