How dare they

Ubisoft do like a bit of controversy and are equally fans of making money off their multitude of casual titles. Combining the two, the publisher recently announced We Dare which for all intense purposes, is a game for swingers to break the ice and partake in their sex-fuelled gatherings. Think that’s an over statement? Watch the trailer, you’ll see. As ever, bored journalists love a story like this and unsurprisingly, The Daily Mail were first to print an outraged article (via CVG) about such a damaging game. The bad part is they actually have a point. I know, I feel dirty by agreeing with them but oddly, PEGI rated the game as 12+ so children of that age and above could be swapping partners and licking the Wii remote as if it’s a pink lollipop.

Leicester East MP Keith Vaz has a history of disapproval towards video games though even he knew there must have been a mistake. He said: “The new ‘We Dare‘ game has clearly been wrongly marked as a 12 plus. As a family friendly console, Wii must ensure that there are proper checks and a full consultation before games are graded for use by children. This game should not be released until these checks are made.” It’s not just Nintendo and the Wii that need to adhere to the checks but a good point by Vaz, suggesting that maybe the newspaper shouldn’t make a big deal out of it just yet.

Clearly they didn’t listen, interviewing a number of parents who were naturally concerned for their children. Laura Pearson of Birmingham said: “It is encouraging under-age sex. The video pretty much shows them swapping partners, girl-on-girl kissing. That kind of thing is not something that young teenagers should be exposed to. Nintendo Wii’s are family consoles popular among children and youngsters. This is totally inappropriate.” If the game was and is to be rated correctly and lets face it, it will be, then We Dare is perfectly appropriate for the Wii. The console does have family gaming atop of its agenda but it’s also a system for all ages and if a group of adults want something like We Dare, who are we to argue? Yeah the game is creepy as hell but like an 18 rated game or movie, it won’t be for everyone and shouldn’t have to be. That being said, YEUCK!


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