Marcus returns this September

Picture this; eighteen months have passed since Marcus Phoenix and Dom Santiago saw the demise of the human stronghold Jacinto. A loss they were behind. Now they rejoin Baird and the rest of the COG team to hunt down the Locust Queen and find out what exactly the deal is between her and Phoenix’s father, Adam. Sound good? That’s a very basic round up of Gears of War 3, everyone’s favourite dudebro shooter which has been given an official release date of September 20th worldwide. The game was originally planned for an April launch (which would have coincided nicely with my birthday) but for strategic purposes, Microsoft decided to delay the game in order to give the Xbox 360 a triple A exclusive in the holiday season.

For all intense purposes, Gears of War 3 is practically finished but Epic games are now using the extra time to polish the multiplayer experience which has already been beefed up with the addition of Beast Mode. This lets gamers play as one of the Locust, starting off as nothing more than a Ticker and working their way through the different species by means of a levelling system. That’s probably what excites me most about Gears 3 as the Horde mode in Gears 2 is a favourite among my gaming friends. Adding a new twist like playing as the enemy and climbing up the grotesque ladder of Locust sounds as if it could usurp Horde’s throne.

But we don’t have to wait all that long to try the multiplayer portion of Gears of War 3 because of the beta key found in Bulletstorm‘s Epic Edition, out this Friday. Further information about this is said to be coming soon.


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