The tell tale signs of awesome

Point and click adventures owe a lot to Telltale Games. The company have kept the genre alive when others have gained supremacy in the gaming space and are masters of their art, providing a solid storyline over anything else. Telltale’s devote cult following is currently being served an episodic Back to the Future game and coming soon is the turn for Jurassic Park to receive the Telltale touch. Yesterday, Wired confirmed two more properties have been selected for what is becoming an honour; Bill Willingham’s magnificent Fables and Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. What better way to continue your cult status than to go after two of the biggest furores in comics and most recently, TV today.

The Walking Dead is possibly the more recognisable of the two with its AMC and FX (in the UK) television show following a group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. But a game based on Fables is no less exciting. Starting in 2002, Willingham’s story about various fairy tale characters who flee their once idyllic realm to become refugees in our world has won numerous awards and praise from the comic-loving community. That’s because it’s awesome and full of clever writing, great art by Mark Buckingham introduced with stunning covers by James Jean and João Ruas.

There are few details about either games but Telltale specifically told IGN that The Walking Dead will be multi-year, multi-platform and multi-title which suggests it’ll be a pretty big release. The game won’t go off on any crazy tangents though, sticking closely to Kirkman’s original story. With the many plot lines and spin-offs that Willingham has produced for Fables, it’s likely that too will span a multitude of platforms and games. If anything deserves more recognition it’s Fables and the fact that it’s getting a game is call for some nerdy celebrations.


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