Redemption day

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Most gamers who love a franchise generally play the titles to death and may try their hand at fan art or fiction. Felicia Day however makes online shows like The Guild and coming this summer, Dragon Age: Redemption. While it may be fan generated, DA:R is fully supported by BioWare with Greg Zeschuk praising Day’s commitment to USA Today: “We are really, really excited to work with people like her who have a passion and appreciation for the content and a really good history of quality.”

Appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (via Joystiq), Day chatted about the six-episode series and revealed the debut trailer which shows a lot of running, knife throwing and fighting. Day plays Tallis, a sarcastic elf assassin and does so very well after months of training and of course, playing Dragon Age 2. She may not have divulged any info on how exactly DA:R ties in with the game franchise but for the time being, just the idea that an online promotion such as this is pretty cool. Look at how creative Alan Wake‘s video campaign was with Bright Falls and the public development of Mortal Kombat Rebirth. Something that started as a pitch for a movie turned into a web-series due to its popularity and excitement it created for the upcoming rebooted game.


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