Gotta click em all

For some odd reason, I became obsessed with Pokemon a number of years ago. Not the collectable creature games, throwing virtual pokeballs onto weakened sprites of pocket monsters but the trading card game or rather its GameBoy Colour version. After realising that a man of my age would never really have suitably aged opponents for the physical card battler, the GBC became a perfect – and less questionable – substitute. But the cards have evolved considerably over the years so my little 10 year old cart is a tad out of date. Rejoice then for gamers like me (who should know better…) and players of any age when The Pokemon Company International launch the online card battler, Pokemon Trainer Challenge in April (via Kotaku). The game allows players to square up against 14 AI opponents using one of three pre-made decks with Pokemon Black and White versions becoming available shortly after (April 6th).

Finally, a modern outlet for the older gamer to enjoy Pokemon with all its whimsy and none of the criminal records. Yeah I probably should be playing something a little more mature shall we say but what other game has a Psyduck? None, case closed!


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