Virtually (un)clear [UPDATED]

UPDATE Oh my God! this just keeps going doesn’t it?! IGN have now retracted their statement (via My Nintendo News) saying that the Virtual Console IS part of the eShop and WON’T be available at launch! You know what? Until there’s concrete evidence I’m just going to wait and see what comes along in March.

Original story This story has been going back and forth more times than that little pixellated ball in Mario Tennis, which just may be headed to the 3DS on March 25th after all, along with other GameBoy and GameBoy Colour titles. In a Q&A wrap up of Nintendo’s new hardware, IGN reported the company’s confirmation of the Virtual Console being available via download from day one and it’s to be the other features, like demos, 3D movie trailers and web browser that’s to be held back until May. I still think if the main concern for a consumer is whether a brand new piece of kit able to do 3D gaming through vastly improved graphics can play almost 20 year old games, then they’re buying it for the wrong reasons.

But having a back catalogue of classic handheld games is a neat addition though no titles have been named other than Super Mario Land and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX. These two have been playable in numerous events so it’s fairly safe to say they’ll be part of the initial list. The best possibility is if Nintendo release games that never came to the UK back when the GameBoy ruled, much like they’ve done with certain SNES titles on the Wii’s Virtual Console.


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